Green Printing

Green Printing importance Before defining the best approach to Green Printing, it’s important to understand why this objective should even be on your organisation’s agenda.

Excepting the moral responsibility debate, there are many reasons for reducing the environmental impact of your print function, the way your organisation produces and manages documents.

An organisation with a relatively high print-based environmental impact is likely to be suffering from one or several of these factors:  

  • Excessively high volumes of output per user
  • High volumes of wasted print
  • The use of environmentally inefficient equipment
  • An over-reliance on paper processes within a business

Not only do these factors increase the environmental impact, they also generate excessive costs, inefficiency, compliance-risk and sub-optimal performance within the organisation.

When you set yourself the objective of ‘greening your print function’, you set a course to optimise your business. So where do you start?

Balreed can help you with a simple step by step strategy for success:

1. Help you understand what you are currently producing and why?
2. Squeeze your print volumes and reduce your waste
3. Optimise your print technology
4. Green your supply chain
5. Learn best practice approaches to print smarter

The business benefits are too great to ignore.

If you need to green your print function, talk to us.

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